Kimberly Langley
Kimberly Langley

Kimberly Langley

35 | Owner/operator | Tried & True Pool Company LLC

Kimberly Langley, 35

Kimberly Langley’s entry into the industry began humbly as a helper. Within just two months, she became a pool technician. With a year’s experience under her belt, she emerged as a lead technician, eventually ascending to route manager. Her hands-on experience in both service and renovation/construction led her to start her own business — Tried & True Pool Company in Lancaster, South Carolina.

“I fell in love with the industry and wanted more for myself,” Langley says. “I knew no one would invest in [me as I would], so I took a chance and went into business for myself.”

Langley’s favorite aspect of working in the pool industry is her role as an educator. During the winter months, she collaborates with local pool companies, contributing to training and engaging in valuable discussions with like-minded professionals. “It’s nice to talk with others who understand the struggles of the industry and also bounce ideas off one another,” she says.

One day Langley envisions operating the business alongside her two sons. And she will continue to bring her customers’ visions to life. Her comprehensive understanding of all facets of the industry, from hydraulics to chemistry, fuels her determination to excel. “I want to be the best, not the biggest,” she explains.

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Langley also hopes to see more women accepted in service roles.

“I have always struggled as a woman in this industry, from running the business to actually being the one who shows up to service a heater,” she says. “This is a very male-dominant field, and to have others want to work with me has always been the biggest compliment.”

Langley prioritizes transparency, honesty and exceptional service; she aims to be known as one of the “good ones.”

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