Rocky Wisley
Rocky Wisley

Rocky Wisley

39 | President | Serenity Hardscapes LLC

Rocky Wisley, 39

Rocky Wisley has carved an impressive path in the pool and outdoor living construction industry. During high school and while obtaining a degree in automotive technology, Wisley worked in landscape and outdoor living construction. However, it was a pivotal moment in 2007 that changed the course of his career when he was offered a position with a local pool construction company.

“I began to really fall in love with this industry and began soaking up as much knowledge as I could,” he says. However, the economic downturn of 2008 forced a tough decision. He had to choose between returning to automotive technology or forging his path in the pool industry.

Undeterred, Wisley founded Serenity Hardscapes LLC, which evolved into a full-service pool company. He continued to educate himself attaining the PHTA’s certified building professional certification and taking many Genesis courses. Also becoming an ACI-certified shotcrete nozzleman and ASA-qualified shotcrete contractor, Wisley’s dedication to education became evident when he began teaching shotcrete and pool construction for Genesis. He also earned his master CBP with Genesis and became chair of construction education, playing an integral part in developing courses and assisting in writing curriculum.

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For Wisley, the pool industry is a captivating blend of creation, learning, construction and education.

“The industry has evolved so much and will continue as we push the envelope on our abilities,” he says. “We may fail, but what we learn from failure is what allows [us] to have continued success.”

When asked how he would like to leave his mark on the industry, Wisley sets his sights on a specific goal: “I would love to help change the way shotcrete shells are put in and educate the shotcrete crews,” he says. He also plans to continue educating through Genesis and by consulting with builders.

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