Brandon Cox

34 | Renovations foreman | Hines Pool and Spa

Austin, Texas
Renovations foreman

Brandon Cox’s first job in the pool industry was cleaning filters. His parents, Patrick and Darling Cox, had a pool-cleaning route, and Cox’s main responsibility was washing out the filters once they got home. After a stint building acrylic spas, Cox’s parents joined Hines Pool and Spa in Austin, Texas, as a service technician and cleaner.

Cox also officially joined Hines Pool full time after he graduated high school. He started as a service technician, then moved into renovations and new construction. “I made that move in the company and haven’t looked back,” Cox says. “I’ve been with Hines since 2007, But I’ve been around pools and spas since I was old enough to remember.”

As his pool career and knowledge has progressed, Cox hopes to pass it on, providing training and help to anyone who needs it.

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