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Jandy TrueDose chemical feeder from Fluidra

Fluidra introduces the new Jandy TruDose Chemical Controller — engineered to automatically keep pool water consistently balanced.

Using advanced pH and ORP sensing technologies, TruDose constantly monitors levels as water flows through the pool’s plumbing. If pH is high, the built-in peristaltic pump dispenses enough muriatic acid to bring levels down to a desired setpoint, helping to prevent pH spikes.

Tailored to work with the Jandy AquaPure salt chlorinator, TrueDose senses when ORP is low  and activates the salt chlorinator in response. Once ORP levels have reached the desired setpoint, TruDose signals the salt chlorinator to turn off to stop chlorine production.

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“TruDose helps prevent any wild fluctuations in chemistry because it consistently doses as needed,” says Mara McCartney, senior product manager for water care and Fluidra. “This means pool owners can have peace of mind that their pool will maintain a steady pH and ORP, even between service visits.”

As part of Fluidra’s Trade Series Exclusive Policy prohibiting the sale of all Jandy equipment online, TruDose is for sale only by brick-and-mortar dealers and are not available for resale on the Internet.

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