Pandemic Fatigue

After multiple months of unrest, collective stress on all fronts

This was supposed to be our first commercial-focused issue of PoolPro, and while much of the content focuses on the commercial pool sector, it’s much more of a mishmash than I originally intended.

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In this strange year, the residential market is booming but the commercial side remains mixed. Many public pools have stayed closed this year or opened at a reduced capacity. Many hotel pools are barely being used: According to the American Hotel & Lodging Association, hotels are projecting occupancies below 20%. Some pools are performing care and maintenance as usual, while others are leveraging the slowness to make overdue pool upgrades and renovations. Still others are drained, sitting empty. It all makes for a weird season.

Typically, the commercial side of the business is predictable and steady for pool professionals. Regulations require cleaning and maintenance to be consistent and documented, which translates to reliable cash flow. This makes commercial clients appealing, but they’re not without headaches. Before launching into this industry sector, companies need to have enough insurance, certifications, staff and time to expand offerings. Without properly planning or pricing this kind of work, a commercial pool may quickly turn from a gain to a loss.

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We also held our mental health article from the summer issue, and I’m glad we did. As we head into the fall, more of you may be experiencing burnout. You aren’t just dealing with an influx of business this summer, but unpredictability at home as well. Kids are out of school, summer programs are minimal and spouses may be out of work. There’s an endless flow of news regarding what we know and don’t know about COVID, the stress of keeping up with mask mandates and more.

Still, I find myself downplaying my own fears by saying, “So many people have it worse than I.” That’s certainly true, but that doesn’t mean each person’s stress and anxiety doesn’t deserve attention. Try to carve out little bits of time for yourself, your family and your sanity. That’s advice I’ve been trying to take myself.

Megan Kendrick, publisher

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