Pentair to report pool business as its own unit in 2023

Until recently, Pentair operated with two units: an industrial and flow technologies unit, and a water solutions unit, which included its pool business. However, in response to the recent growth in pool revenue, the company announced in early June that it would be reorganizing its financial accounting, making the pool business its own separate unit. Besides the increase in revenue, another reason for the change is the recent $1.6 billion acquisition of water solutions business Manitowoc Inc., manufacturer of ice machines for the food-service industry. Manitowoc is expected to play a big role in the newly reorganized water solutions unit. During Pentair’s second quarter earnings call, Robert Fishman, Pentair’s chief financial officer, expressed that long-term trends indicate revenues impacting its pool unit will continue to grow. To learn more about Pentair, visit Pentair.com.

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