Polaris announces new above-ground pool equipment

Polaris Pool, a brand produced by Southern California-based manufacturer of pool equipment Fluidra, has announced a new line of above-ground pool equipment products.

The equipment includes a filtration system, salt chlorinator and the first automation system engineered specifically for above-ground pools. According to the manufacturer, the lineup is designed for intuitive, user-friendly installation and smooth operation.

The following are the products named in the line:

• The Polaris Prestige Filtration System Pack, which consists of the Polaris Prestige Filter and Polaris Forza pump.

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• The Polaris AutoClear SC Salt Chlorinator for above-ground pools, which is described by the company as “a self-generating sanitizing solution that gives pool owners a convenient, hassle-free way to chlorinate their pool water while maintaining the luxurious silky-soft feel achieved with a salt system.” The company adds that the product’s “easy plug-and-play installation makes this system simple to set up, maintain and operate throughout the swim season.”

• The Polaris PAC Pool Automation Control, which Polaris says is explicitly and uniquely designed for use with above-ground pool systems. As with the entire collection of Polaris above-ground equipment, it’s fashioned for simple installation with a plug-and-play setup to connect the pump — plus three additional items like a sanitizer system, lights and a pool heater.

Finally, the system works with iAquaLink pool control app, to allow for anytime, anywhere control.

Pool professionals are encouraged to contact their local Fluidra representative for information on the Polaris above-ground equipment lineup.

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