Joshua Mattey
CPO, CST, owner
JPS Pool Services
North Scituate, Rhode Island

Pool Cleaning, Repair and Maintenance
Employees: 4
Accounts: 100

Joshua Mattey had a short-lived culinary career before his future father-in-law encouraged him to join the pool industry. He went to work for an established pool company and started from the bottom, answering the phones, selling chemicals, vacuuming pools and visiting construction sites. When the economy tanked, the 50-year-old company went out of business and Mattey saw an opportunity. Since the old company’s customers already knew and trusted him, he started JPS Pool Services. It was rough in the beginning; Mattey was newly married with a baby, and he took any jobs he could to keep things going. Now JPS is servicing about 100 weekly accounts and does a handful of renovations a year.