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WaterGuru Releases SENSE Series 2: The Next Generation of Automated Pool Care


WaterGuru, a company that gives firms the ability to automate resort-quality swimming water, announced the second generation of its water quality monitoring system: the SENSE Series 2. It expands the testing regiment from two pool water chemistry parameters — chlorine and pH — to five parameters: chlorine, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness and CYA. The Series 2 can monitor and report water temperature as well as pump filter water flow in both hot tubs and above-ground pools. 

“As many of America’s estimated 17 million home swimming pool and hot tub owners know well, maintaining a pool or hot tub is not a simple task,” says WaterGuru CEO Paul Fulton. “After spending almost a decade in R&D and continually refining our system, we think the Series 2 is state of the art and an incredibly valuable product that can help pool owners easily conquer something complex and difficult to manage with automation.”

The SENSE Series 2 is a fully automated system. The device sits undetected by swimmers in the pool’s skimmer and analyzes the chemical parameters of the water. That data is sent to the WaterGuru cloud, which produces a digital twin of the water. The WaterGuru mobile app then provides pool owners with an analysis of the water’s chemistry, plus trends, graphs and detailed advice on how to bring the water back into balance.

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The chlorine level and pH of pool water should be tested at least twice per day and more often than that during heavy use, according to CDC guidelines.

“The incredibly positive feedback we’ve heard from property managers, pool service professionals and hotel brands is refreshing,” says WaterGuru CMO Jeff Siegel. “With the WaterGuru SENSE series, pool care — once the most difficult of assets to manage and often a source of guest and pool owner complaints — is now firmly under their control. It is reducing labor, chemical and energy costs while also improving guest satisfaction and brand reputation.”

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