What’s in your truck?

Pool service pros share their must-have service items

We asked pool pros what they kept in their service trucks. Their answers varied based on the season, location and individual service professional. But everyone had chlorine and a pole.

John Reid, Founder and President
Primo Pool Care (Norfolk, Virginia)

“The most important item in the back of the pool truck is the pool pole,” Reid says. “The pool pole is the foundation to being able to skim, brush and vacuum swimming pools. Those tasks are the most basic and critical to any successful maintenance company.”

Items in truck: stabilizer, 50-foot garden hose, DE media, alkalinity, pH up, cal hypo, 3-inch chlorine tablets, caddy — with bottles of chemicals (algaecide, clarifier, phosphate remover etc.), PVC repair tool box, pH down, salt, backwash hose, empty buckets, blue chemical buckets, chemical stir sticks, spare parts box, 40-foot vacuum hose, blue pool caddy buckets, roller head, brush head, skimmer plate, heavy duty nets and brushes, pool brush, pool net, chemistry bag, DeWalt leaf blower, ¾ hp pool pump, two 8-foot and 16-foot pool poles

Jacob Grozier, Owner
Swordfish Pool Care (Gulf Stream, Florida)

“[I can’t do without] my Hammerhead!” Grozier says. “But really, at this time of year it’s [Seaklear] Yellow Klear. High heat, afternoon storms and lots of foliage drop equate to a mustard algae nightmare. Use Yellow Klear and phosphate remover at the beginning of summer, and it’s smooth sailing until season rolls around.”

Items in truck: 32 gallons of bleach, four bags of salt, eight gallons of muriatic acid, 50 pounds of chlorine tabs, 40 pounds of bicarbonate, 50 pounds of stabilizer, 30 pounds of calcium, Pool Boy Soap, six pounds of Yellow Klear, tile brush, scale remover, three nets, four various brushes, filter hose and sweeper nozzle, two poles and a cooler with lunch, drinks

Justin Willms, Service Technician
Sterling Pools (Austin, Texas)

“[I couldn’t go without] the service cart with the PowerVac,” Willms says. “Most homeowners have a pole with brush and net that can get you through a service call if yours break, but the versatility of the service cart and PowerVac make the job a lot easier. Most of the time I can load the cart with everything I need for a service cleaning, which saves multiple trips back to the truck.”

Items in truck: HASA liquid chlorine (yellow tub), HASA muriatic acid (orange tub). In the white buckets 3-inch chlorine tabs, calcium hypochlorite, diatomaceous earth, soda ash and sodium bicarbonate. Home Depot bucket with extra brushes and other miscellaneous pole attachments, vacuum hose, telescopic pole, homemade service cart with PowerVac and battery-powered Milwaukee blower

Blerim Ibrahimi, Owner
JMB Pool and Spa Service (
Anaheim, California)

“If I had to choose one item in the back of my truck that I could not go without, without a doubt, the chemical testing strips,” Ibrahimi says. “Each pool chemistry is completely different from the other. The strips provide a good foundation on what type of chemical needs to be added for it to be balanced. If a pool chemistry is off by the slightest level it can cause havoc. I always stress that proper chemical balance is important to proper pool maintenance. The test strips, in my opinion, are a must have in a pool man tool kit.”

Items in truck: chlorine (yellow container), muriatic acid (red container), algaecide, toolbox, two types of leaf catcher nets, pool stick and test strips

Jeff Kurtz, Owner
Prime Pool Services (Livermore, California)

“Since I do repairs and maintenance I have had to find a way to fit equipment and maintenance chemicals in the bed for one day of work, so ratchets and organizer bars are a huge help for this,” Kurtz says. “I could not go one workday without my Taylor test kit and tool bag. Those two items help get the jobs started. It’s a huge factor to know what chemicals are causing issues in your customer’s pool, along with having the proper tools in your truck to troubleshoot and diagnose issues all in one trip.”

Items in truck: Nine cases of liquid chlorine and eight cases of acid; a bucket of tabs along with miscellaneous chemicals like soda ash; bicarbonate and phosphate removers in toolbox

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