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Cross-Star Safety Pool Cover

The industry’s strongest solid vinyl replacement safety pool cover  

Over time, as a result of naturally occurring weather events and normal wear and tear, safety pool covers need to be replaced. Anchor Industries designed the Cross-Star Safety Pool Cover to be the industry’s strongest solid vinyl replacement safety pool cover. It is a modified version of the 5-Star cover and was specifically designed to upgrade any mesh cover to a solid vinyl safety cover.

The industry’s strongest solid vinyl replacement safety pool cover, Cross-Star, uses Anchor’s unique vinyl material and features Solid Vinyl Tensioning Paddles (SVTP), which are welded into place. For maximum strength and protection, SVTP creates a 360° tensioning dynamic that pulls the cover taut from the center outward. This innovative design technology eliminates the need for stitching the body of the cover — stitching that causes stress points that can weaken a solid pool cover over time.

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Cross-Star solid safety cover features and benefits:

  • No cross webbing – which provides easy clean-up and maintenance
  • 14 oz. vinyl coated material
  • Upgrades any cross web cover to a solid cover
  • Pulls tight over the pool’s surface – resulting in a smooth and pristine appearance
  • Manufactured using RF welders – which increases the cover’s overall strength by eliminating perforations caused by sewing
  • Spring-loaded
  • Limited 10-year warranty
  • Available in 6 color options at no additional cost: Blue, Charcoal, Gray, Brown, Tan, and Green.
  • Requires an automatic pump

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