water safety
As an Olympic swimmer and a water safety expert for Leslie’s, Cullen Jones understands the importance of water safety. However, that connection began long before his swimming career when at 5 years old, he nearly drowned at a water park.
surge tank maintenance
When it comes to vanishing edge or infinity pools, regular cleaning isn’t enough. To truly keep these pools operating at their best, owners and pool pros must remember an often-forgotten element: surge tanks.
flexible and injury-free
When you’re a pool professional, radiating pain in your lower back or shoulders may not be the result of a day spent cleaning out the garage or shooting hoops with the kids — it could be a wake-up call for an injury.
PP23 5 Web Service Microglass After
In the pool industry, skepticism meets innovation. Patrick Brindle, MicroGlass' Director of Business Development, explains the science behind the seemingly magical MicroGlass product.
Sunscreen photoaging - poolpro
Summer is here and for many that means hours spent relaxing by the pool and soaking up the sun. But for pool technicians, who average 20 to 30 hours of outdoor work a week, avoiding the sun is a priority.
pool lifts
Pool lifts are designed to lower a seated person in or out of the water, which can be helpful for someone who lacks the mobility to climb a ladder or steps.

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