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Imagine pulling up to an appointment at a prospect’s home. You worked hard on the bid, but as you approach the door, your mind starts to whisper, “I can’t do this. I’ll mess it up. They won’t pay that much. I’m not qualified.” 

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flexible and injury-free
When you’re a pool professional, radiating pain in your lower back or shoulders may not be the result of a day spent cleaning out the garage or shooting hoops with the kids — it could be a wake-up call for an injury.
Pool pros are working toward a consensus on whether to include chemicals in their service pricing or to separate out that cost for clients.

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By using this index, water surveyors, scientists, pool operators and more were able determine just how well a water’s calcium carbonate balance was by measuring the water’s pH, alkalinity, calcium concentration, temperature and total dissolved solids.


Choosing a plaster pump may seem like a job in and of itself. Whether you’re upgrading from an older model, replacing broken equipment or making a first-time investment, the best approach is to ask lots of questions so you can understand your options.


When it comes to plastering giant pools, Rob Burkett, owner of Burkett’s Pool Plastering and Remodeling Inc. in Ripon, California, knows what it takes to complete a job that’s up to snuff.

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