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Hear from veteran pool professionals as they delve into the realms of leadership and accountability. While business leadership has been extensively discussed across various platforms, what does it specifically entail in the context of the pool industry?
2024 is on the horizon, and for pool owners and professionals, it's decision time – money worries or strategic readiness? Financial planning might sound daunting, but mastering it can ease stress and optimize resources. By setting and tracking financial goals, pool pros pave the way for business success and a smooth transition ahead.

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In the pool industry, skepticism meets innovation. Patrick Brindle, MicroGlass' Director of Business Development, explains the science behind the seemingly magical MicroGlass product.
Missing an early-buy strategy? Discover effective ways to enhance supplier's year-end incentives optimization. Elevate savings and strategic procurement with these insightful approaches.
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Summer is here and for many that means hours spent relaxing by the pool and soaking up the sun. But for pool technicians, who average 20 to 30 hours of outdoor work a week, avoiding the sun is a priority.

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When it comes to plastering giant pools, Rob Burkett, owner of Burkett’s Pool Plastering and Remodeling Inc. in Ripon, California, knows what it takes to complete a job that’s up to snuff.

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