The cost of insurance is rising. However, there are actions you can take before your insurance renewal period to make renewing easier and more cost-effective for your company. An insurance renewal is the end of the term of your policy, at which point you’ll need to determine if you’d like to continue under the same policy with the same insurance carrier...



While pool service technicians have countless tools of the trade, including suction hoses, test kits, brush attachments and more, it could be argued that one of their most important tools is the service cart for lugging all those other tools around
Pool covers are an essential tool for the safety of a pool and those around it, both from the elements and for preventing accidents: To maintain that peace of mind they need to be replaced every so often.
Pool pros and manufacturers alike attest to the benefits and challenges posed by different filters and filter media, but how do they choose which ones to use and recommend? 

Water Care

Several in the pool industry believe that EPA-registered borates deserve more attention from dealers, technicians...



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