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When it comes to vanishing edge or infinity pools, regular cleaning isn’t enough. To truly keep these pools operating at their best, owners and pool pros must remember an often-forgotten element: surge tanks.
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When you’re a pool professional, radiating pain in your lower back or shoulders may not be the result of a day spent cleaning out the garage or shooting hoops with the kids — it could be a wake-up call for an injury.

Water Care

Several in the pool industry believe that EPA-registered borates deserve more attention from dealers, technicians...



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Residential pools and commercial pools are completely different beasts. Residential service techs might visit 20 to 30 pools in a single day and only see a particular pool on their route once, maybe twice per week. For commercial pool techs, many jurisdictions require chemical and safety checks every day, if not multiple times per day. Both jobs require a strong attention to detail; techs must pick up on changes to pool operations very quickly during each short visit. 

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