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“I just don’t have the time; it’s just me,” is the response from many pool operators when I ask about policies, standard operating procedures and other forms of essential workplace documentation at their aquatic facility.
When it comes to plastering giant pools, Rob Burkett, owner of Burkett’s Pool Plastering and Remodeling Inc. in Ripon, California, knows what it takes to complete a job that’s up to snuff.
Residential pools and commercial pools are completely different beasts. Residential service techs might visit 20 to 30 pools in a single day and only see a particular pool on their route once, maybe twice per week. For commercial pool techs, many jurisdictions require chemical and safety checks every day, if not multiple times per day. Both jobs require a strong attention to detail; techs must pick up on changes to pool operations very quickly during each short visit. 
As a certified pool operator (CPO) instructor and consultant, I’ve spoken to countless pool operators over the years who lack an understanding of cleaning and disinfecting swimming pools. These knowledge gaps may be putting your facilities and customers at risk.

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