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Tech Evolution

VivoAquatics’ data-driven approach to innovation

In the world of water management and analytics, VivoAquatics has carved a niche in providing innovative solutions to commercial properties and organizations across the hospitality, fitness and recreation industries as well as for municipalities.

CEO Willan Johnson recalls a pivotal brainstorming moment that was the company’s beginning. 

“There are industries out there that have been operating for many years without the benefit of technology and innovation,” Johnson says. “So a couple of friends and I [asked], ‘Where can we make a difference?’ And we all started thinking about our backyards, our pools and the homeowner experience.”

Initially focused on residential servicing, VivoAquatics strategically shifted in 2015, redirecting its attention toward the commercial aquatics sector. The company launched VivoPoint, a software platform designed to integrate with chemical control systems, empowering properties to effectively manage water safety. Over time, the company expanded its portfolio to include water usage optimization, leak detection and energy monitoring.

“Our job at Vivo is to give [commercial facilities] the data and insights to make better decisions more effectively,” Johnson says.

A collaborative approach

Central to VivoAquatics’ operations is its partnership with pool service and maintenance providers, who play a key role in delivering the company’s solutions to clients. 

“Vivo works very well with that local service provider, offering them an expanded support system [while] relying on their local expertise to keep properties operating at a high level,” says Justin McCollum, director of strategic partnerships.

He encourages servicers to slow down and look at the overall picture, noting that VivoAquatics can offer an assessment of the circulation line to find faults and weaknesses the servicer or facility can update and improve.

“A hydraulic circulation line is an integrated system, with each piece of equipment affecting the dynamics of the other,” McCollum says.

Acknowledging the challenges faced by service providers, Johnson underscores VivoAquatics’ commitment to driving their success. 

“The service provider is a customer,” he says. “How do we help that customer be successful and bring some level of innovation to their offering?”

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Prioritizing compliance

In commercial aquatics, safety and risk management are major considerations. Johnson advocates for meticulous documentation and proactive communication with clients, even if finding a solution is not the servicer’s responsibility.

He also recommends leveraging technology, such as VivoPoint, to streamline water quality monitoring and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Finally, he says to stay up to date on local and state laws. “Those laws are constantly changing, whether they’re related to how many readings you have to do today or the type of equipment you need to be using,” he says.

Driving environmental responsibility

As more companies strive for sustainability, VivoAquatics is championing initiatives to help them succeed. Johnson highlights the significance of leak detection in preserving water resources and reducing operational costs.

McCollum says properly maintained chemical levels are also important for sustainability — saving both water and chemicals — and stresses the importance of timely alerts.

“[You need] a properly set up and calibrated controller with the right alerts and alarms going to the right people, so if there is an issue, they can jump on it quickly,” he says.

The company is also focused on reducing operator error in areas like backwashing procedures or filtration systems, working to increase efficiency and reduce waste, as well as doing energy and audit assessments for the drive and pump dynamics. Its software also allows facilities to schedule preventative maintenance and track maintenance history.

Empowering industry professionals

With all its offerings, VivoAquatics hopes to support not just facilities but also the service and maintenance providers behind the scenes. 

“We can do a lot with our automation and software,” Johnson says. “But the reality is there’s still somebody on-site that we need to support, and we want them to be successful.”

McCollum says VivoAquatics is willing to work with anyone in the industry, and he encourages servicers to be open to partnerships.

“Technology is coming; you’re going to get passed by if you’re not open to a little bit of change,” he says.

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