This year has flown by, partly because I’ve spent so little of it in my office. In addition to attending various trade shows, I had the honor of speaking at the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance’s San Diego Chapter’s Service Symposium and sharing my story on the Pool Nation Podcast. 
I probably talk about this every year in my January/February welcome, but I think it’s so important. So, once again, I’m going to ask you: Do you review your wins and losses from the previous year?
Congratulations to everyone who was named one of our 2023 30 Under 40! We had more nominations and entries this year than ever before.
Between the time I’m writing this and when you’ll see it, I will have turned 40. It’s such a milestone birthday in our culture, but to be honest, I’m not always great at acknowledging or celebrating these things. However, milestones in general have been on my mind the last couple of months as our team has celebrated a lot of big ones. All these joyful things have helped me refocus on why we do any of this.
The summer — it’s great, it’s stressful, it’s awful, it’s profitable. In the pool industry, you probably have mixed feelings when it comes to summer.

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