CamerEye launches AI-Camera Construction Monitoring System

Security software developer CamerEye is introducing a smart pool construction monitoring and management system, with its artificially intelligent video camera and builder portal, specially designed with the pool industry in mind.

According to the company, which is operated out of San Diego, their system transitions from the start of a pool build, through construction and alarm inspection, as well as providing ongoing pool safety for homeowners after the job is done.

CamerEye says its builder portal is designed for pool builders who want streamlined job oversight and project management. The smart AI-video camera system and portal allow pool builders to monitor all job sites and construction progress from start to finish.

The company, founded in 2020, says its camera provides real-time 24/7 video, analytics, a recorded time-lapse video of construction progress, personnel activity, equipment security and photo/video documentation, which is meant to improve safety and quality control while reducing effort and expenses.

The company says the CamerEye is the only system available that offers human and pet detection and alerts, notifications for when personnel are on the job and whether construction is in progress, all while reducing false alerts caused by other moving objects.

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In addition, CamerEye’s system is described as optimal for pool safety inspections, being the first and only camera-based pool alarm that meets ASTM F2208-08 pool safety standards. CamerEye says its system complies with pool barrier laws in 33 states and can replace door alarms, floating pool alarms and in-pool splash alarms.

Upon completion of construction, the system allows for builders to pass on the already-installed camera system to homeowners with just one click.

“The system adds an important extra layer of safety that goes beyond construction and inspection,” says Sai Reddy, CEO and founder of CamerEye. “Without compromising standards, budgets or bottom lines.”

To set up a free demonstration, contact CamerEye at 800-906-2810 or email info@camereye.ai.

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