Importance of Education

Education is the pool professional’s cornerstone for building and maintaining a healthy business

IPSSA was established in 1988 to promote educational opportunities and provide business resources to all pool professionals.

What we have learned over time is that one education package does not fit every pool professional’s needs, given differing time constraints, budgets and knowledge bases. Fortunately, industry education comes in many forms. IPSSA has created several ways to access education, aiding the needs of each pool professional.

One way IPSSA supports education is through its IPSSA Education Fund. The fund — available to pool professionals that derive 50% of their income from the pool industry — makes scholarships available for individual and class instruction. Qualifying classes include:

  • Industry trade show education offerings
  • Certified Pool Operator (CPO) courses
  • Aquatics Facility Operator (AFO) courses
  • Contractor license school courses
  • Manufacturer-sponsored courses
  • College-level courses in bookkeeping, accounting, computing and chemistry
  • Trade-school courses in plumbing, electrical and mechanical subjects
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Other courses may qualify for funding if the IPSSA education committee deems the particular course valuable to pool and spa service professionals.

If you prefer in-person education, IPSSA supports professional growth through its local chapters. Chapter membership provides tremendous opportunities for gaining the wisdom and experience of your peers and other related industry professionals. A member can get local hands-on training at no cost through classes sponsored by leading industry manufacturers. Examples of industry classes include technical training on gas heaters, Wi-Fi diagnostics, variable-speed pumps, chlorine usage and other relevant pool service and repair.

IPSSA also has a Water Chemistry Certification course. The course material includes IPSSA’s Basic Training Manual-1, written by Robert Lowry. Upon passing the exam, certification demonstrates to customers your proficiency at maintaining swimming pool water.

To learn more about resources and the ED FUND with IPSSA, email info@ipssa.com or call 888-360-9505, extension 2. Or download the IPSSA app through Apple or Google stores.

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