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Texas family finds success leaving health care for pool care

Before 2019, Tina and Doug George found solace in their backyard pool, using it as a sanctuary from the stresses of their health care careers. Tina was an executive director for a senior living company, while Doug worked as a paramedic. It was Doug who first floated the idea of transitioning to the pool industry while on the verge of burnout after more than three decades in health care.  

“One day, floating in our pool, [George] said, ‘You know, we should buy a pool company,’ and I was like, ‘Oh, absolutely not,’ ” Tina recalls with a chuckle. “And here we are.” 

“Here” refers to their ownership of ASP Schertz, a franchise of America’s Swimming Pool Company just outside San Antonio, Texas. 

ASP Schertz launched in 2019, and Doug primarily handled the business while Tina kept her corporate job. After about a year, she joined Doug full-time. “It was a leap of faith — we just jumped,” she says. “It was the best thing we ever did.” 

Though the pool industry is not without its challenges, Tina and Doug both felt a burden leave their shoulders when they started ASP Schertz.  

“The stress is different,” Tina explains. “The pressure is different. I remember in the first couple of weeks, Doug said, ‘It is so nice to go to somebody’s house and be greeted by people that you can make happy and a fun, fresh environment, as opposed to seeing people on the absolute worst day of their life.’ ” 

The Georges have not rested on their laurels, however. They have worked diligently to grow the business and expand their territory, starting with around 50 maintenance customers per week and expanding to more than 350, with goals to add even more. The business has already added renovations on top of service and maintenance, and now ASP Schertz has been chosen as one of the first America’s Swimming Pool Company locations to add pool building.  

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Their efforts garnered recognition, with ASP Schertz earning the title of 2023 Franchise of the Year from America’s Swimming Pool Company.  

“They continue to invest in us,” Tina says, reflecting on the relationships she and George have built with ASP. “It really is like a big family.” 

Committed to community engagement, ASP Schertz extends a “heroes discount” to military service members — many of whom are stationed at the nearby Air Force base — as well as to first responders, health care workers and educators.  

“I love that we get to meet those people and give back,” Tina says.   

While Tina and Doug operate as equal partners, Tina acknowledges the unique advantages of her role as a woman, particularly in assuring single or widowed women clients. “They have somebody they know is going to be here to answer their calls and their questions,” she says. “We’re going to take care of you.”

2023 Franchise of the Year

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At a company meeting in Dallas on April 2, Tina and Doug George were presented with the Franchise of the Year award by brand president Jimmie Meece. “Doug and Tina George are incredible ambassadors to the ASP brand,” Meece says. “[Since launching] in 2019, they sustained record-breaking year-over-year growth. From their culture, focus on the customer and employee experience, willingness to branch into new pool construction and drive to be the best in their market, it was time to reward their efforts.”

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