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Easy-to-Install Automation Systems for Pool Upgrades

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Long gone are the days when you had to get up and walk to the T.V. to change the channel—remote controls let you choose from the comfort of your couch. More recently, homeowners have been able to turn on lights, play music, even lock the doors with a simple voice command. It feels like everything in our homes today is designed to make our lives more convenient—and thanks to modern pool automation, pool owners can now get that same level experience with their pool operation. 

With pool automation and convenient app control, pool owners can adjust the water temperature, control the lights, dial in their robotic pool cleaner schedule for efficiency, and input settings to protect equipment—all without stepping foot outside. Now, Jandy® makes it easier than ever to deliver the benefits of pool automation to customers in an efficient manner. 

If your customers have been inquiring about less complicated and more convenient pool control or cost-saving operation, Jandy has the simple solution to help upgrade their pool systems… And

The good news is it doesn’t require an advanced electrical degree to install. 

With no need to rewire the entire pad, pool professionals can use Jandy’s automation systems to offer customers the convenience of automation quickly and easily. Whether your customer still operates their pool manually or with a timeclock, or they already have automation but aren’t satisfied with the system—Jandy has an option to meet their needs.

Jandy automation systems cut down on installation time by using the existing panel and enclosure—meaning there’s no need for mains rewiring. And, since Jandy’s automation products were designed to make a pool professional’s life as simple as possible, they can easily drop into existing Jandy; Polaris®; Compool® and Pentair® systems. Jandy automation is even compatible with equipment from leading competitor brands like Hayward® and Pentair, so the equipment setup doesn’t necessarily matter. 

Let’s take a look at solutions for older pools without automation, and pools with existing automation.

Adding Automation to Older Pools 

Pools built in the 90s and early 2000s were often built without automation due to a lack of affordable solutions. However, these pool owners, who are now likely accustomed to the conveniences of automation and app-based control for various other appliances in their home, are ready for an upgrade. As a pool professional, your customers may have shared their concern that adding automation to their pool will be costly and require completely replacing existing equipment. Thankfully, this is not the case with the Jandy AquaLink® TCX™ Automation System. Its innovative design can add automation to any standard pool pad without costly mains rewiring.

AquaLink TCX was designed for a simple timeclock swap. Just remove the mechanical timeclock from its enclosure and replace it with TCX. By keeping the enclosure in place and merely changing out what’s inside, you get a hassle-free upgrade that provides pool owners with affordable, entry-level automation in need of pool-only automation. Once the TCX is installed, it offers your customers the convenience of operational control using iAquaLink®, the most intuitive and highest-rated pool control app in the industry with over 50,000 5-star reviews. 

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With TCX pool automation, your customers can control their:

  • Single-Speed Filter Pump or Additional Auxiliary Equipment
  • Variable-Speed pump
  • Freeze Protection
  • Color Lights
  • Heat Pump or Gas Heater 
  • Solar Heat
  • Salt Chlorinator

Simply put, AquaLink TCX gives you the ideal opportunity to enhance an older pool without much effort and ultimately results in a more satisfied customer.  

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Upgrading an Existing Automation System

As a pool professional, you know better than most that not every automation system is created equal. Pool automation has advanced notably in the past few years, and for pool owners that desire an ultra-convenient, luxury pool experience, older, basic automation systems are no longer sufficient. For those customers, AquaLink® RS Pool/Spa Automation is the best system on the market and offers the easiest drop in installation with its unique Automation Conversion Kits—something no other brand offers.

AquaLink RS enables pool owners with more modern and complex pools to enjoy an intuitive, customized experience delivering:

  • Complete pool automation for multiple bodies of water (spa, water features, waterfalls, etc.)
  • Advanced automation capabilities to control up to 32 individual pool and spa functions
  • Convenient pool operation control using the iAquaLink app 
  • Voice activated operation through Alexa and Siri shortcuts home automation systems for native voice control
  • Time and energy saving programs including Dusk Control, Program A/B, OneTouch Scenes and Energy Savings Program

Best of all, by installing one of these Conversion Kits, AquaLink RS is the only pool automation system that works with leading competitors’ equipment. The AquaLink RS system supports ALL Jandy equipment and is compatible with most pool pads, including:

• Pentair® Variable-Speed Pumps

• Hayward® & Pentair LED lights (wireless ZigBee switch available for TCX)

• Hayward & Pentair Gas Heaters & Heat Pumps 

• Solar Heat (need additional sensor and valve)

Overall, AquaLink RS allows pool owners to enjoy an unprecedented automation experience, while giving you a simple and time-saving installation experience since the upgrade requires no mains power rewiring—simply swap out the system and keep the existing can. 

Bring Your Customers the Convenience and Efficiency of Jandy Pool Automation

It’s important not to overlook the efficiency factor: automation systems make it easier to optimize a pool’s efficiency. With rising electricity and natural gas costs in many areas of the country, running pool equipment on set schedules at single speeds won’t cut it anymore. By coordinating every device and function, the system can run at peak efficiency or adjust for maximum performance when needed—all without manual adjustments at the pad. And for those customers who prefer not to manage things themselves, adding automation controlled with the iAquaLink app makes it easy for you to set up, monitor, diagnose, and even reconfigure their pools remotely. No more unnecessary service calls. It’s a win for you and your customers.

When you drop in a Jandy automation system, you won’t just be bringing a new level of convenience to your customers’ existing pool setup; you’ll also deliver a new level of efficiency.

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