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Jobber can make scheduling and invoicing easy

For Tyler Rasmussen and Greg Villafana of Brothers Pool Service and Repair in Scottsdale, Arizona, the company’s love affair with Jobber began with an invoice they received as customers.

“A long time ago we had somebody put a vinyl decal on our window,” Villafana says. “The guy who put the decal on sent the invoice right away. It looked beautiful. It was branded with their logo. They had some social media icons on there. I could open the invoice and see everything itemized and how long everything took. It was really easy to whip out the credit card, pay right there and get a receipt.”

A little more than a year after adopting the software, the platform has changed the way the duo handles internal scheduling, CRM, quoting and invoicing.

Jobber For Simplistic Scheduling
According to Nick Keyko, director of marketing at Jobber, the pool industry is teeming with the kind of scheduling headaches Jobber was designed to ease.

“For the many pool companies providing weekly or monthly cleaning services for their customers, Jobber helps them schedule these appointments, share job details with their team and create efficient daily routes for their crews out in the field,” Keyko says.

It’s exactly that scheduling function that’s allowed busy techs at Brothers plan their routes.

“Everyone has their own color,” Rasmussen says. “You can route from there just by looking at your individual day.”

Jobber also makes it easier for managers to delegate tasks.

“We’re not missing things,” Villafana says. “Say I get an email from our service manager in the middle of the night. I can respond to that email and automatically put it on his schedule for the following day. That’s the nicest thing. We didn’t really have anything in place where somebody could come into work the next day and see what their schedule looked like. We also put our vacation times in there, so if anyone’s going to be out, everyone can see.”

A New Kind of CRM Solution
Jobber makes it easy to create and assign tasks — but any scheduling or workflow app can do that. What most apps can’t do, however, is mine the appropriate customer data from the company’s CRM and incorporate that data into assignments for easy reference.

“Every task has all the customer’s information,” Villafana says. “So not only do you get a reminder that you need to do something, but it’s also effortless to just click on the address and get to that location knowing everything you need to know, whether the customer has a dog or if it’s in a gated community, if you need a key — all that stuff is included just by attaching a customer’s name to a task.”

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The CRM side of Jobber benefits not just the business, but the homeowner as well.

“Customers also get text or email reminders about upcoming appointments, which is another opportunity to gently remind them to clear out the pool toys or remove debris,” Keyko says.

Quoting and Invoicing the Jobber Way
A Jobber invoice is what drew Villafana and Rasmussen to the software as customers — and now the duo relies some of those very same features as users.

“We use Jobber to send quotes in the field and take payments in the field,” Rasmussen says. “It’s made our lives quite a bit easier and more organized.”

But business isn’t just about ease and organization — it’s about appearances.

“Jobber definitely helps you look more professional,” Villafana says. “When you use the quote process in the field, you fill out the information, make notes and take pictures. When you send the quote, you can attach those notes and pictures to make it look very professional going to the customer. It looks nice. It’s not a Gmail email.”

Again, here, Keyko points out that the customer also benefits.

“When a client receives a quote, they can review it in Jobber’s client hub feature, request changes if necessary, and, once they are ready to approve the quote, you can ask for both a deposit and an e-signature,” Keyko says.

No software can do everything, but Villafana says Jobber extends its reach by linking to Quickbooks and other common applications through an intuitive, user-friendly interface. He also lauded the Jobber customer service team for quick, thorough responses to the rare problem. In the end, Jobber does much of the team’s heavy lifting.

“It’s the one software we use the majority of the day,” he says.

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