Seauto Debuts Shark and Seal — Advanced Robotic Pool Cleaners with Sonar Path Planning Navigation

Seauto, a leader in smart, autonomous pool cleaners, announced two additions to its collection of robotic pool cleaners: Shark and Seal.

Both are fully autonomous with smart route planning powered by sonar technology — a first in the robot pool-cleaning industry — that enables them to clean pools thoroughly and efficiently.  

“We’re excited to unveil these two industry-first, sonar built-in autonomous pool cleaners to the public ahead of Memorial Day, so pool owners can kick off the unofficial start of summer knowing their pool will be clean and ready for enjoyment,” says Paul Chen, general manager of Seauto USA.

Designed for all above-ground and in-ground pools up to 2,150 square feet, they work with flat and bowl bottoms and feature a high filtration system with super suction power that easily removes debris.

With one press of a button, Shark and Seal are ready for duty, scaling curved walls to clean and scrub the pool. Seal retails for $699, while Shark, with its ability to scale 90-degree walls, baja shelves and steps, retails for $999. Both are available at seautorobots.com.

Featuring long-lasting lithium batteries, Seal can be in action for up to two and a half hours and automatically docks to power up in as little as one and a half to two hours, while Shark runs for up to three hours and powers up in as little as two to two and a half hours.

Their advanced filter tray filters down to 250 µm to catch all types of debris including dust, gravel, dirt, leaves and more. Both robots are highly accurate with an industry-leading flow rate of 18 gallons per minute and are designed to easily clean and remove debris after each cycle. The Shark model has an extra cartridge with cotton foam inside.

“With Seal and Shark’s high filtration system, powerful suction and ability to scale curved walls to clean and scrub your pool up to the waterline, you’ll be able to sit back and relax while they do all the hard work,” Chen says.

Both models feature the following: 

  • Weekly scheduler via the Seauto app (iOS and Android)
  • Floor cleaning
  • Enhanced waterline cleaning
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Voice and light prompts
  • Free delivery in the U.S.
  • Two-year replacement warranty
  • Includes charger, retrieval hook and user manual
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Shark and Seal join Roker Plus, introduced by Seauto in March. Roker Plus is a cordless, rechargeable pool-cleaning robot that features the world’s first AI path planning. The Roker Plus automatically scans the size and shape of a pool, plans a route and cleans.

The Roker Plus is designed for above-ground and inground pools up to 753 square feet and works best on pools with flat bottoms. With no hoses or cords, it is ready out of the box to drop in the pool and get to work cleaning, no assembly required. Roker Plus retails for $358 with a filter and $329 without a filter at seautorobots.com.

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