Building Commercial Pools

HMAC pool builds lead to better relationships/revenue for Watters Aquatech

Watters Aquatech builds commercial projects in the hotel, motel, apartment and condo sectors. We have been building pools and spas in this space for over 30 years, and typically build four to six each year. Our projects range from very simple to quite complex. Expanding into commercial projects not only helped fill gaps during slow times of the year, but also grew our project portfolio and increased company revenue. We also introduced ourselves to many developers outside our typical network. This allowed us to forge more meaningful long-term relationships with like-minded companies.

With any new venture, there are uncertainties and unknowns. Understanding how each developer or contractor works is key to a successful project. From the bidding process to project timelines and billing, each facet was much different from the residential construction world we were accustomed to. Much like our residential division, we do not bid every commercial project that comes our way. We select projects that best fit our abilities, making sure to take care of our loyal clients.

In the current market, everything has to be weighed properly and all parties must understand expectations. Many times, parts of the construction process are outside our control and scope. Restroom facilities, equipment rooms, fencing and product availability all must be considered. To maintain respectable timelines, we purchase most of our commercial equipment months before projects start, which requires the developer/contractor to pay upfront. Having these products and materials early also could require insurance to ensure products are not lost, stolen or damaged, along with having the warehouse space to secure them.

We have a good system for our commercial projects, and the relationships we have built over many years add to our success. Committing to a new venture within our industry can be overwhelming, but if approached the right way can also be rewarding.

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Dustin Watters
Vice president
Watters Aquatech Pools & Spas
Las Vegas

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