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Meet the 2023 PoolPro Panel

David Van Brunt

David Van Brunt has been in the swimming pool industry since 1988, but you may know him best from his YouTube videos, podcast (The Pool Guy Show) and website (swimmingpoollearning.com). Since 2012, Van Brunt has been doling out free advice to consumers and pool professionals alike on pool maintenance and products. His YouTube channel has more than 105,000 subscribers, 55 million video views and more than 1,200 videos. Van Brunt has made it his mission to help other pool service businesses be successful. In addition to the free resources he provides, he also offers one-on-one coaching.

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David Van Brunt
YouTube creator, podcaster, coach
Los Angeles

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Erik Taylor

 Erik Taylor founded Chlorine King Pool Service in 2016 and has been doing everything possible to elevate the swimming pool industry through several social media outlets. He graduated from Warner University in 2008 and has applied what he learned studying business make Chlorine King a success. Through his time in the swimming pool industry, he has been recognized with several awards, including the PHTA/APSP Young Professional of the Year. He also started a coaching program for new pool business owners that has helped dozens of newcomers thrive. Taylor is passionate about having the public recognize the swimming pool industry as a professional, legitimate and quality trade on the same level as a plumber or electrician. He is also a proud member of the Florida Swimming Pool Association. 

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Erik Taylor
Chlorine King Pool Services
Seminole, Florida

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Collin Parrish

From washing dogs and digging trenches for conduits to managing retail locations and casting metal figurines sold at the Grand Canyon, Collin Parrish has had a lot of jobs. But when he began working as a service subcontractor for a pool company, he fell in love with the industry. A couple of years later, he started his own company, Blue Desert Pools. 

“I’m motivated to raise the industry standards and do my part to shine a positive light on pool care,” Parrish says. “To do this, my team and I obsess over mastering all things pool related. We are passionate about pool care.”

Parrish says he hopes his company can be a pioneer in the industry and mentor other pool entrepreneurs.

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Collin Parrish
Blue Desert Pools
Gilbert, Arizona

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Jarred Morgan

Jarred Morgan, president at chemical manufacturer Orenda, started his pool career doing weekly pool service for The Pool Surgeon in the Dallas metroplex throughout college. Eventually, he graduated from maintenance to doing repairs. In addition to his duties at Orenda, he still helps out at The Pool Surgeon when he’s needed — like after the freeze in 2021.  

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Morgan started his pool career doing weekly pool service for The Pool Surgeon in the Dallas metroplex throughout college.

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Jarred Morgan
The Pool Surgeon / Orenda Technologies

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Michael Harris

Michael Harris has been operating Barrow Pool Service since 2006. The family-run business offers professional service, repairs and installations for both residential and commercial pools, spas and even water features, all across San Diego county. 

“It’s our mission to stay at the cutting edge of the pool service industry as the field continues to evolve through emerging science and technologies,” Harris says. “Between continued involvement in IPSSA and attending industry trade shows, we’re able to adapt quickly and employ the latest technologies to solve and prevent a wide range of pool and spa issues.”

In the years since opening his business, Harris has made a lot of contacts within the industry and says he tries to use that network to offer informed referrals for services ranging from pool remodeling to solar heating installations.

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Michael Harris
Barrow Pool Service, Inc.
San Diego, California

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Robert Blade

Bob Blade, known also as Aloha Bob, has been operating Aloha Pools & Spas for more than 20 years. He learned about plumbing and electricity from his grandfather, who dug water wells. Blade went into the Navy after high school, and learned how to repair ships and submarines. After the Navy, he worked in construction, eventually moving his family to Monterey, California, and starting Aloha Pools & Spas. Blade is a 20-plus-year member of the Monterey Coast IPSSA chapter and PIE Show Museum curator.

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Robert Blade
Aloha Pools & Spas
Marina, California

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