Pool Nation Awards 2022

Pool Nation celebrates some of the best in the industry

On Nov. 16, as part of the International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo, Pool Nation held its second annual Pool Nation Awards ceremony. The event celebrates some of the pool industry’s brightest stars and most exciting products.

Among the many award recipients that night were Alisa Gotay, co-owner of 787 Serrano Construction, LLC in Socorro, Texas, and Alex Jacobs, territory sales manager for United Aqua Group based in Las Vegas, both of whom won Rookie of the Year. This is a special award created in collaboration with PoolPro magazine. Readers voted for two professionals named in PoolPro’s annual 30 Under 40 list who represent the promise of the industry’s future. 

“The neat part this year was being able to have a lot of the pool guys and the pool girls who were nominated for 30 Under 40 at the show,” says Edgar De Jesus, who founded and co-hosts the “Pool Nation Podcast” along with fellow pool professionals Zac Nicklas and John Chakalis. “It was great for us to be able to meet them, have them on the podcast, hear their stories and their journeys. So many great people nominated.”

Before winning their categories, the nominees were first narrowed down from the initial 30 young professionals to nine people who have been in the industry for five years or fewer: Lindsey Lawless, Billie Jean Parrish, William Graham, Max Filho, Alex Diaz, Colton Frabasilio and Max Brown. 

“All the other nominees of the year are the fabric of this industry, and I feel almost like an imposter,” Jacobs says, who after only one year working in the industry, admits that the attention has been humbling. “I appreciate those who voted for me, and that’s really who it belongs to — those who voted for me.”

Gotay says that she was initially reluctant to accept the award, as she didn’t feel she had yet earned it. “When I found out they nominated me, I was really surprised,” Gotay says. “I think that I don’t deserve it. I thought there were people out there who were more deserving, more prepared, more knowledgeable.” In the end, however, Gotay reminded herself that she needed to serve as a representative of women in the industry, to show others what is possible, adding, “We can be out there and get loud and tell people that we are here trying to build a legacy, day-by-day. We can show that nothing is impossible.”

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  • PNAwards RookieOfTheYear
  • PNAwards ChrisMele
  • PNAwards MichelleWatson
  • PNAwards LifetimeAcheivement Wayne
  • PNAwards Element
  • PNAwards RoundRock
  • PNAwards TruckWrap BigFamilyPools
  • PNAwards Janey
  • PNAwards KoreyWax
  • PNAwards NaturalChemistry
  • PNAwards HammerHead
  • PNAwards Hayward SaltSystem
  • PNAwards Heritage
  • PNAwards Jandy Heater
  • PNAwards Piranha
  • PNAwards TaylorTestKit


PoolPro’s 30 Under 40

Rookie Of the Year

Alisa Gotay

PoolPro’s 30 Under 40

Rookie Of the Year

Alex Jacobs

Favorite Test Kit

Taylor K2005 Test Kit

Favorite Vac System

Hammer Head Pool Vac

Favorite Net

Piranha Net

Best Value Automation

Jandy iAquaLink IQ904

Distributor of the Year

Heritage Pool Supply Group

Automation of the Year

Jandy AquaLink RS

Variable-Speed Pump of the Year

Hayward TriStar VS

Pool Cleaner Suction Side

- Sponsor -

Hayward The PoolCleaner

Best Residential Filter of the Year

AquaStar Pipeline Filter

Salt System of the Year

Hayward AquaRite

Heater of the Year

Jandy JXi

Heat Pump of the Year

Hayward Heat Pro

Innovative Product of the Year

AquaStar Pipeline Filter

Best Truck Wrap

Big Family Pools, Chandler, Arizona

Zac, John & Edgar Award

Janey Flawless, J&J Flawless Pools,

Coachella Valley, California

Lifetime Achievement Award

Wayne Ivusich

Builder of the Year

Element Pool Company, San Antonio

Pool Company of the Year

Round Rock Pool Pros, Round Rock, Texas

Sales Rep of the Year

Korey Wax, Alpha West Marketing Group

Pool Guy of the Year

Chris Mele, Pool Guardians, Tampa, Florida

Pool Girl of the Year

Michelle Watson, Shells Pool and Spa Service, Ventura, California

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