Pump Efficiency Claims Change in February

Under a Department of Energy rule for energy-efficiency standards for dedicated purpose pool pumps, starting in February any energy-efficient representations must follow new testing procedures. Although manufacturers aren’t required to implement new testing or performance criteria until July 19, 2021, starting in February 2018, any marketing claims must meet these new requirements.

The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, along with some of its manufacturer members, helped negotiate the new rule and testing/performance metric, called Weighted Energy Factor. The pump database on APSP’s website has been updated to reflect the new rule, redacting the information in the applicable columns/fields unless or until the manufacturer has submitted new data obtained in accordance with the test methods.

The new federal rule preempts state laws and regulations. “Once the various provisions go into effect, they supersede all state laws and regulations with regard to pool pumps,” says APSP counsel Steven Getzoff. “States may continue enforce existing rules prior to the respective effective dates but cannot adopt new rules.”

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Jennifer Hatfield, APSP director of government relations, says the goal now is to develop the same guidelines for the pump motor.

“The APSP continues to take a leadership role when it comes to energy-efficiency work being done at the state, federal and even international level,” Hatfield says. “The next step will be working on developing education and outreach to our member companies to prepare for the changes that will occur in 2021.”

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