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Get an insurance policy that includes spill coverage for pollution and clean-up costs

Pools, hot tubs, spas, water parks and splash pads are all bodies of water treated by pool professionals to protect swimmers from the spread of germs and recreational water outbreaks. 

In the industry, chemicals help to sanitize, balance pH, stop corrosion and scaling of equipment and protect against algae growth. However, even if a pool professional is properly trained and educated, accidents can happen, and pool chemicals can injure people and/or property. 

When improperly mixed or measured, property damage and bodily injury can occur. These chemical spills are considered hazardous materials, also known as hazmat, meaning they may pose a reasonable risk to health, property or the environment. Hazmat includes toxic chemicals, fuels, nuclear waste products and biological, chemical and radiological agents. 

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Pool professionals who use chemicals every day should have insurance coverage for chemical spills on-site or on the road during transport. Without the proper coverage, pool professionals may find themselves in a difficult situations when spill occurs. 

I advise pool professionals to have a policy that includes coverage for pollution clean-up costs on-site and on the road. Without liability insurance for claims arising out of chemical spills, business owners could find themselves paying a substantial portion of cleanup costs. Cleanups after a spill are mandatory under state and federal laws:, If the state has to pay those costs, the responsible party could find themselves in court facing severe fines and even jail time. 

Companies that don’t have the cash-on-hand to cover cleanup costs often go out of business soon after. It’s your company, and your livelihood, so make sure it’s covered for specific claims regarding your business and scope of work. Hazmat or pollution cleanup cost coverage for pool chemical spills is just one of the many coverages that should be included or purchased by pool professionals.

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