The Increasing Popularity of Reinforced PVC Pool Interiors

New finishes are catching the attention of builders and consumers

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Pool professionals are now actively looking for solutions that allow them to build and renovate the most pools possible, while still being able to control their construction schedule. Rather than dealing with long lead times for pool kits, fiberglass pools or custom-made pool liners, reinforced PVC pool interior materials are readily available for pool installations. The longevity and high-quality of 60, 70 and 80mil reinforced PVC in addition to the introduction of new architectural finishes, colors and textures have quickly propelled this product into the residential pool spotlight. Pool builders are now rapidly adding weld-in-place reinforced PVC to their offerings, as they provide an attractive solution for both pool renovations and new construction.

New Finishes, Colors and Textures

Reinforced PVC pool interior finishes have been on the market for many years and although this product is very popular in Europe for residential swimming pools, in the U.S. and Canada it has been used primarily in the commercial industry. However, there is renewed interest in this product for residential pools now that RENOLIT is offering finishes in various textures, colors and prints that resemble marble, stone, gunite and sand. These options are popular both with residential pool builders as well as with hotels, country clubs, homeowner associations and community pools because they provide a high-end look and feel, going beyond the plain white, blue or tan previously offered.

Builders agree that these new colors look phenomenal in the pools and lend themselves to residential pools and commercial pools, as they provide a modern, high-end look that complements today’s backyard architectural designs. The new RENOLIT TOUCH finishes make the product easy to sell. Consumers are drawn to the new colors and finishes as they enhance and blend beautifully with today’s popular decking and coping treatments.

With consumers investing more in their backyards, they are interested in installing the best product available in their pool. As a result, these consumers appreciate the high-quality and longevity inherent in the thicker 60, 70 and 80mil reinforced PVC making it the perfect pool finish for pool professionals to add to their offering.

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Offering Reinforced PVC

One of the main advantages of the reinforced PVC pool finish is that it doesn’t crack regardless of freeze-thaw conditions or ground movement. Therefore, offering reinforced PVC provides a pool finish with unique benefits not provided by marbelite, stone-colored quartz finishes or thermoplastic coating. The reinforced PVC completely seals the structure of the pool and keeps it watertight. This makes it ideal for both renovating existing pools and building new pools.

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Once you have a crew of installers who know how to apply the reinforced PVC material, you can fit the product into your pool offerings, whether you are using it to finish off a new concrete wall, stainless-steel pool wall construction or you are covering a cracked, peeling or leaking gunite pool.

The reinforced PVC is a commercial-rated product, so there is still a big demand for this solution in commercial pools — especially to fix leaking and deteriorated pools. Commercial aquatic facilities, indoor and elevated pools, health clubs, athletic facilities, hotels and wellness spas are also interested in the new colors and textures, in addition to the benefit of providing a long-term watertight solution. In particular, the white marble product, looks amazing for large commercial spas and soaking tubs used in wellness centers, health spas, athletic facilities and hotels.

Training and Retaining Crews

Since proper training is the first order of business, RENOLIT offers assisted installations to builders and installers. There is a learning curve, obviously, like anything else. But compared to other types of equipment repairs, that learning curve is fast.

Most pool pros don’t realize how easy it is to install this product, and there are very low barriers to entry, as there is no need for expensive equipment and the material is readily available by simply ordering the needed rolls and accessories for each job from the warehouse in Laporte, Indiana. Once installation crews know how to install weld-in-place reinforced PVC, they will find they are always busy and always in demand. As pool builders desperately look at how to retain their best workers through the winter, learning how to install this interior finish is the perfect way to keep crews busy spending all winter installing reinforced PVC on indoor pools. In fact, weld-in-place reinforced PVC helps smooth out the seasonality of pool building and renovation.

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Growing Popularity of Reinforced PVC

The growing demand for reinforced PVC for pool interiors in the U.S. and Canada appears to be directly correlated to the introduction of the new architectural patterns and textures that are a part of the RENOLIT TOUCH series. These new finishes imitate the look and feel of stone, marble, slate and gunite giving pools a high-end, designer look. As homeowners and commercial operators research options and ideas for pool projects, they are seeing these high-end, premium finishes used on pools and are approaching their trusted pool professional, architect, engineer, or designer to request this pool interior finish. To be ready for these calls, savvy pool professionals should take the time to learn how to install weld-in-place reinforced PVC and be able to offer this pool interior alternative. Because this pool interior is quickly growing in popularity, pool professionals are finding it quite easy to suggest, sell, install or outsource its installation.  Don’t wait. Be sure you are offering the latest trend in pool interiors. Now is the time to distinguish your business from competitors by offering the new RENOLIT TOUCH designer colors and textures now available in reinforced PVC pool interiors.

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