4 Easy Tips To Rule Pool Filter Cartridge Replacements


Tips to help you Rule the Pool this season.  

Pool filter cartridges only need to be replaced every two or three years, but as pools are opening, calls will be coming in! Save time and simplify your day by having the right pool filter cartridges for the job.  

  1. Extend the cleaning cycle. Making a special trip to a customer’s backyard just to clean a filter can feel tedious. So don’t skimp on quality – choose a filter cartridge known for excellent dirt capture and stability. After all, lower-quality alternatives may require more frequent cleanings or replacements. 
  2. Choose filters that make cleaning easy. When the time comes for a filter cleaning, you don’t have time to waste. Features like PurePleat™ in the Pleatco Ultra™ Pool Replacement Cartridge help prevent bunching and make rinsing a breeze. 
  3. Opt for universal fit. The right cartridges can make servicing pools quick and hassle-free. Especially when you work with one brand whose replacement cartridges can fit in filters from most major pool manufacturers! Save time by getting all your replacement cartridges from one place. 
  4. Strive for customer satisfaction. Who wouldn’t want a clean and well-maintained pool?! By using the right filter cartridges, you can ensure that your customers are satisfied enough to provide repeat business, share positive reviews, and make referrals. 

Rule the Pool with safety in mind.   

Your approach to cleaning may vary depending on the type of filter at the pool you’re servicing, so it is important to read and follow manual instructions carefully. One primary safety consideration for all filter cleanings is the risk of trapped air. If air becomes trapped and is not released, it can compress and cause pressure to build. That pressure may cause the lid to separate from the base, which is a serious safety hazard and can be especially injurious if you are standing close. Here’s what to do if you see a notable change on the filter’s pressure gauge:

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  1. Ensure the water in the pool is at the proper level.
  2. Check the skimmer baskets for debris.
  3. Clean the pump pot basket.

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