AquaStar Expands into New Product Category with FlowStar Valves Launch

AquaStar Pool Products announced the launch of a new product category with the introduction of FlowStar valves and actuators. The FlowStar line includes two- and three-way valves, a check valve and a valve actuator, and each component in the series is made in the U.S. and uses raw materials sourced from within the country.

Crafted from high-grade CPVC, FlowStar valves and check valves are engineered to withstand the chemical and temperature fluctuations found in challenging pool environments. The valves feature rubberized handles with a “closed” label for straightforward operation and a design that retrofits easily with third-party actuators. The check valves are enhanced with a PTFE diverter self-lubricating gasket for increased durability and include a covered flapper to ensure efficient operation.

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The actuators offer plug-and-play connectivity for 24VAC systems and include over 19 feet of cable to accommodate long runs to automation systems. They also feature easy-to-adjust back-mounted rubberized dip-switches and a drop-slotted cam setting ability for precise control, simplifying the automation of 2- and 3-port valves.

FlowStar products are now available through professional pool product distributors. For more information and to explore the full range of features, visit AquaStarPoolProducts.com/ flowstarvalves.

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