Pool Nation Announces Hayward Holdings, Inc. as Newest Visionary Partner

Pool Nation, a leader in promoting education and professionalism in the pool service industry, announced Hayward Holdings, Inc. as its newest visionary partner. Hayward is an industry-leading global designer, manufacturer and marketer of a broad portfolio of pool and outdoor living technology.

“Building relationships and partnerships requires active engagement, and it’s remarkable that even pool service competitors are willing to collaborate because they understand the mutual benefits of working together,” says Edgar De Jesus, co-founder of Pool Nation. “You don’t see that a lot in other industries.” 

The partnership with Hayward aligns with Pool Nation’s three foundational principles:

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  • Financial success: Together with their partners, Pool Nation is committed to empowering pool service professionals with the skills, knowledge and resources they need to be financially successful. 
  • Creating a safe and inclusive environment: Pool Nation believes that the pool industry thrives when everyone has a seat at the table. The group’s visionary partners support the efforts to create a safe and inclusive space for all individuals in the pool service industry, regardless of their background. 
  • Elevating the pool service industry: This means advancing in terms of technology and practices and in terms of professionalism, reputation and public perception.

For more information on Pool Nation’s collaboration with Hayward, the company’s programs and how to get involved, visit PoolNation.com.

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