Bode Miller Joins Coral Detection Systems

Coral Detection Systems, makers of the Coral Manta 3000 AI drowning detection system, announced on May 20 its partnership with Olympic Gold Medalist skier Bode Miller. The 6-time medalist will become a co-owner and serve as board advisor of the company.

The solar-powered Coral Manta 3000 uses advanced AI software and an underwater video camera to analyze, detect and track all people in the pool 24/7 by utilizing an advanced algorithm to monitor and alert upon any entrance to the water, and more importantly, upon detection of  risk of drowning.

Miller’s commitment to drowning prevention is personal and, unfortunately, many other families can relate to his story. Last summer Miller and his wife, Morgan, shared the tragic news that their 19-month-old daughter, Emeline, drowned in their neighbor’s backyard pool. The Miller’s have since dedicated substantial efforts to creating awareness around pool-safety. His partnership with Coral Drowning Detection is a step towards preventing such tragedies from happening by helping kids stay safe around their home-pool environment. 

After Emeline drowned, Miller went on to say that “her love, her light, her spirit will never be forgotten.” Miller’s partnership with Manta is in hopes of carrying out this message and playing a role in educating the public on this matter while offering a solution to the problem. In many cases, children drown even though someone is nearby because drowning is quick and silent. Coral Manta 3000 provides an important layer of protection to children and adults, serving as a 24/7 “eye” within the pool — whether or not permission for pool access is given.

“Other pool safety devices such as fences, pool covers or pool alarms are important but only address the outer layer of safety by preventing unauthorized access to the pool,” says Eyal Golan, founder and CEO of Coral Detection Systems. “Thus, they need to be opened or deactivated when accessing the pool. Coral Manta 3000, on the other hand, provides protection to children and adults also when they are inside of the pool — a safety layer that was not available until Coral’s debut.”

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