Brighton Pools launches franchise opportunity

Brighton Pools, a Maryland-based pool company, has kicked off 2022 with its franchise sales launch and an exciting new name.

Owner of Brighton Pools, Gary Hohne, says he is thrilled to be launching the franchise opportunity. “For over 70 years we have had exceptional customer service, management, technicians, and the finest craftsmanship,” he adds. “We are taking these processes and systems that have been through decades of refinement and putting them into an easy-to-follow franchise package.”

At the outset of the franchise launch, the company made moves to change its name. Formally known at Hohne Pools, a family name, Hohne chose to refresh the brand to prepare for national expansion.

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The franchise package includes marketing materials, ongoing operational support, and state-of-the-art technology. Franchisees will have access to the software, making the estimation process smooth and efficient. “We are able to grow much more quickly because we utilize the advancement in technologies for geospatial, financial and customer relations management,” Hohne says.

Brighton Pools is seeking to expand throughout the entire nation with new territories, including both single and multi-unit franchisees. “There are talented engineers and builders out there, but that’s not the person who needs the franchise,” asserts Hohne. “We are seeking business-savvy people who grasp the intricacies of business ownership. We need business people.”

Interested individuals can learn more about owning a franchise in the pool industry by visiting the Brighton Pools website at brightonpoolsfranchise.com.

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