CMP Acquires Bobé Water & Fire

2013 CMP Logo Lockups Pool Pool LockupCustom Molded Products LLC (CMP) recently announced its latest acquisition of Bobé Water & Fire LLC, manufacturer of outdoor decorative fire features, scuppers, water/fire pots, spillways and other unique metal fabricated products. CMP is a leading supplier of white goods, advanced sanitizers, pool waterfalls and innovative LED products and now adds the new elements of fire and metal to its product mix with this latest transaction.

This is the fourth acquisition for CMP and reflects the company’s commitment to expand its line of pool design features as an important part of its growth strategy. Bobé brings new artisan-level metal fabrication capabilities to CMP, as well as unique technical knowledge about the application of fire and water features in swimming pool and backyard design.

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“Bobé represents an exciting opportunity for us,” says Bill Drury, CEO and president of CMP. “They know more about the science and engineering associated with fire and water features than anyone else in our industry. They have a great product line, but equally important, they have great ideas for future products. We can help by providing resources to get these ideas developed and delivered to market quickly and consistently.”

Bobé was founded in 2008 by the the brother and sister team of Kris Kesler and Julie Crone, who will remain with the company and the Bobé team will continue operating out of the Phoenix location. The Bobé acquisition completes the CMP offering of aesthetic outdoor features, joining CMP water features, LED water features and LED lighting.

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