Ad Design Tips for Pool Pros

By Mike Tinz, vice president of franchise sales for Money Mailer

It is important to make a splash with consumers by developing creative ads to draw in business, and direct mail campaigns are still an effective avenue. In 2017, direct mail ads generated a response rate of 5.1 percent, compared to .6 percent from email and .4 percent on social media. This means audiences are available and willing to listen, but how do pool professionals capitalize the efficiency of direct mail?

A creative and well-designed direct mail ad can act as an effective avenue of communication between consumers and your company, leading to the purchase or care of a picturesque, backyard waterfront. There are several design tricks that can be leveraged to increase your ROI on direct mail ads in the pool industry.

Create a Balanced Layout
Color, imagery, text and layout affect the overall feel of the ad. It is important to use identifying colors when creating the theme. The color blue reflects water and reminds consumers of relaxation, making it the popular and sensible choice for a pool ad. Additionally, when designing and choosing your visuals, ensure you use them strategically. For example, if you place multiple water features in your ads, you disrupt the serenity that one or two imagines can produce.

When looking at the layout of the ad, don’t clash the tranquil pool scenes with bold or aggressive typeface. Many ads attempt to appeal to a playful nature with colorful and loud fonts; instead, opt for a typeface that matches the visuals and overall layout of the ad.

Lower Consumer Defenses and Invite Them in
Sometimes companies attempt to push their services directly through the ad. Consumers need to “buy now” or “move fast” in order to strike on hot deals or new offers, particularly in the busy season of early spring.

By fostering a sense of urgency in your ad, you can potentially turn customers away. Instead, offer them a free design consultation, service quote or suggest they visit your nearest location. Your ad should invite customers in and help establish rapport with your company, not force them into an immediate purchasing decision. By no means should you remove the call to action, just soften your approach to foster more engagement.

Build Your Credibility with Consistent, Simple and Powerful Messaging
For consumers, the pool industry can sometimes carry a negative and expensive reputation. Pair this with the fact that the average consumer is exposed to nearly 10,000 brand messages a day, and you’ll see the necessity for ensuring simplicity in your message.

Additionally, it is important to use powerful language that builds trust. Use words such as, professional, reliable, certified or licensed to elicit confidence.  By coupling this language with the emotional and physical benefits of owning a pool for relaxation, fun and escape, you’ve written a strong message that addresses the consumers’ worries and needs while setting yourself apart from the competition with descriptive and powerful language.

Overall, many elements will determine the response rate and effectiveness of a direct mail ad. The correct use of images, persuasion and credible language can make your ad a huge success. Be sure to look at the ad from your consumer’s perspective to determine if it will lead to the ROI you are looking for.

About the Author
With his 30-year background in sales, marketing and advertising, Mike Tinz oversees new franchisee training as well as development and sales. He leads Money Mailer’s regional sales team, which is dedicated to helping franchisees build a successful and thriving business. Before joining the organization, Tinz spent nine years working for Valpak, where he led one of their largest owned and operated franchises in the U.S. His passion for sales and his commitment to training and development have helped some of the most successful franchisees build very profitable businesses.

About Money Mailer
Money Mailer is a leader in the U.S. direct marketing industry, has been certified as a World-Class Franchise by the Franchise Research Institute for 12 consecutive years and was one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s top 500 franchises in 2017. Money Mailer delivers hyperlocal savings to consumers through shared mail, mobile, online and social media, and helps businesses affordably and accurately reach these consumers. For more information, visit www.MoneyMailer.com.

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