Ultra-High Efficiency, Ultra-Low Cost

Hayward's New XE Series Pumps


Meet the XE Series: the newest addition to Hayward’s industry-leading line of ultra-high efficiency pumps. Built for maximum savings at a fraction of the purchase price, these pumps more than clear the bar for Department of Energy (DOE) regulations—and for your customers’ expectations, too.

These new ultra-high efficiency pumps offer an exciting expansion to Hayward’s industry-leading lineup of efficient equipment, serving as an easy drop-in replacement for single-speed pumps for customers who don’t need or want to invest in variable speed.


XE Series pumps represent a completely new extension to Hayward’s exclusive ultra-high efficiency pumps. XE pumps certainly benefit from the cutting-edge technology of variable-speed drives, but they also include added improvements and innovations to reduce their cost—without reducing their performance. Not only do XE Series pumps exceed all DOE efficiency benchmarks, they also outpace the performance of many competitive variable-speed pump models.


Costing up to 1/3 less than their variable-speed counterpart and saving 30% over competing pumps with similar total horsepower (THP) ratings, XE Series pumps offer the lowest cost of ownership for any DOE-compliant pump on the market. They start saving before they even start running, making them an outstanding addition to any pool pad—both in terms of initial purchase price and long-term operational costs.

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XE Series includes seven unique models with varying levels of THP across three of Hayward’s best-selling pump families: TriStar, Super Pump and MaxFlo.

TriStar XE

Models: 1.25 THP, 1.85 THP, 2.25 THP

TriStar is the most hydraulically efficient pool pump available, providing superior flow and energy efficiency that nothing else can match. TriStar XE Series pump models inherit that same advanced flow technology, creating the perfect low-cost alternative to Hayward’s efficiency juggernaut. That’s why TriStar XE Series pumps are the perfect drop-in replacement for both TriStar and select Pentair® (IntelliFlo® & WhisperFlo®) pumps.

Super Pump XE

Models: 1.65 THP, 2.25 THP

Super Pump is the world’s best-selling medium-head pool pump, providing efficient, dependable performance that balances excellence and value with ease. Super Pump XE Series pump offer the same performance as their single-speed counterparts at the same voltage (115/230V), providing a great upgrade option for existing Super Pump models.

MaxFlo XE

Models: 1.65 THP, 2.25 THP

MaxFlo is the most economical choice for the trusted performance of VS technology, particularly for smaller pads and pools with limited plumbing options. MaxFlo XE Series pumps bear that same commitment to affordable reliability, making them the ideal upgrade for single-speed MaxFlo models (1.5 & 2.0 THP) and Pentair® SuperFlo®.

Like all products in Hayward’s trade-exclusive Expert Line®, XE Series pumps are only available from pool professionals. For more information, speak with your Hayward Sales Representative or visit hayward.com/xe.

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