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Fluidra’s ServicePro rewards program focuses on equipping servicers for success

As stability returns to the post-pandemic pool industry, aftermarket dealer programs are making a resurgence at many companies. Fluidra, a global leader in the pool industry that encompasses brands like Jandy and Polaris, is no exception. 

The company’s ServicePro Rewards program makes it easy for independent pool service, repair and renovation professionals who want the choice to receive cash back for their purchases. 

“The ServicePro program is very easy,” explains Donny Cislo, director of sales operations and trade marketing at Fluidra. “Pool pros purchase product and we provide a rebate on their cash card. [We] just put cash on their card that they can use any way they want. They could go buy gas or pool equipment — whatever they choose. Keep it very easy. Our program has been very successful in regards to that.”

Another focus of Fluidra’s program is creating benefits for all service professionals, not just the larger companies. 

“I think where the industry’s missed the mark is that a lot of times it focuses on the big guys,” Cislo says. “There’s a lot of small pool service businesses out there — these one truck, one pole types of service pros — who are largely ignored. We’ve put out a program that is beneficial to any servicer, big or small. With our sign-up offer, ServicePro pays a dealer on day one and on dollar one, so that’s a big shift. This is what we need to do to be able to drive value and benefit to our service dealers.”

Fluidra also aims to make the process not just profitable but also easy for service professionals. When a dealer signs up, a profile is created, and the dealer can access their FluidraRewards dealer portal to see their earned rewards and take advantage of other benefits. Payouts are received on a biannual basis through Visa debit cards.

Beyond cash rewards, dealers can also take advantage of other program features to help grow their businesses. 

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The program provides dealers with a percentage back on purchases depending on their purchase level. Dealers also receive $250 in marketing credit, which can be used for things like door hangers, digital advertising, apparel or vehicle wraps. The bulk purchase program allows dealers to get 25% off parts, and Fluidra provides a 12-month free trial of iOn Pool Care software, along with training discounts, technical support and free social media content. ServicePro members also receive priority listing on Fluidra’s Service Locator when customers are looking for a service professional in their area. 

Cislo hopes the “mom-and-pop shops” will be able to take advantage of these features. 

That’s where we can help in providing certain resources: Give them the capabilities to represent themselves better and compete in the marketplace. We can elevate their ability to compete.”

Donny Cislo, Fluidra

“That’s where we can help in providing certain resources: Give them the capabilities to represent themselves better and compete in the marketplace. We can elevate their ability to compete against other folks that are just right down the street,” Cislo says. 

Additionally, Fluidra’s 2023 ServicePro Sign-up Offer includes additional perks such as a $50 sign-up bonus, 5% on first $5,000 in purchases, $200 off first five automation purchases, and $200 off first five variable-speed pump purchases.

Dealers have the opportunity to earn even more rewards and larger discounts by moving through program levels, starting at “Partner” level with the potential to move to “Plus” or “Elite.” In addition to the ServicePro program designed specifically for servicers, Fluidra also offers the ProEdge program for builders and the Retail Select program for retailers. “We believe that because each type of business functions differently, a rewards program is not one-size fits all,” Cislo says. 

For more information on the program, visit FluidraRewards.com/servicepro.

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