Robotics on the Rise

Innovation, customer care top priorities for Maytronics

In 1982, Peter Rasch invented the first robotic pool cleaner. A year later, Rasch partnered with Maytronics to launch the Dolphin and Dolphin Plus, the first residential and commercial robotic pool cleaners. 

Maytronics’ decades-long legacy of quality products and customer care continues to set the standard for pool cleaning by turning a chore into a hassle-free solution that any family member can do, says Abby Burton, marketing content manager for Maytronics. 

Bob Jensen, owner of Jensen’s Pools & More in Indianapolis, has been selling and using Maytronics products for 10 years. Jensen used to sell a variety of cleaners and vacuums, but most were being returned or were consistently running into issues. “But [Maytronics has] it dialed down to a science,” Jensen says, adding that Maytronics’ consistent production and innovation, product longevity, warranty and style make it’s products an easy sell. 

While producing top-notch products has always been the company’s bread and butter, it isn’t the only thing bolstering Maytronics’ reputation. Pool pros have been partnering with Maytronics for years, showcasing the company’s products in their storefronts and demonstrating their cleaning power at job sites. Maytronics’ Elite Dealer Rewards Program builds relationships with dealers to distribute products while also providing support through marketing, customer testing and quality warranties. 

Hillside Pools in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has been a part of the program for five years as a Gold Elite Dealer. Store manager Nikki Biggins says being an Elite Dealer has helped generate leads, which continues to bring new customers into their retail store. Biggins says their high-quality Maytronics products display is a centerpiece of their showroom and a great conversation starter. 

“We’ve had multiple customers tell us the Maytronics Dolphin cleaner has changed their whole dynamic of being a pool owner,” Biggins says. Sales at Hillside Pools doubled during the company’s first year in the program. 

Pool pros who join the program can earn exclusive rewards points based on their Elite Dealer tier. The higher a dealer’s tier, the more points they receive. Points are redeemed for rewards like Dolphin robots, marketing collateral and other Maytronics gear. The program was developed to help pool pros boost in-store traffic and close a higher percentage of sales. 

Maytronics’ history of innovative pool cleaning technologies is full of notable milestones. 

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In addition to the partnership and launch with Rasch, the company launched the Dolphin Magic in 2003, the first top-access robot on the market. Maytronics went on to develop and patent a unique swivel system in 2005 and later developed the first-ever robotic suction pool cleaner in 2012. 

“We continue to build on those technologies and provide pool owners with products that are efficient and fit into everyday life,” Burton says. “We live and breathe robotics and believe there is a Dolphin for every pool.” 

“They’re a great company, they’ve got great products and they stand behind their products — that’s what we’ve always enjoyed,” Jensen says. “It’s been a great partnership for both of us.” 

When customers aren’t sure about going all-in on one of the robotic pool cleaners, Jensen’s Pools allows them to take it home and test it out for $35. “If they like it, I’ll take that $35 and apply that toward a new unit,” Jensen says. “And that’s the best way to sell a Dolphin — let them take it home and try it.” 

Jensen estimates that around 90% of his customers who do the test run end up purchasing the product because it eliminates a lot of the work. “When you’ve got an expensive pool in your backyard, this makes it even easier to keep it looking beautiful,” he says.  

Jensen suggests other Maytronics dealers bring a unit along to service calls to help start conversations about the product. “I drop a sweeper in their pool while I’m out there cleaning or working…and then they ask [about it],” he says, adding that it’s not only an effective ice breaker but also allows clients to see the robots in action. 

Jensen says Maytronics provides quality care for its dealers, and its marketing programs help consistently bring in customers. The robots have also generated word-of-mouth advertising for Jensen’s business as customers tell other pool owners about their cleaners.

“[Maytronics is] dialed in on how to dominate the pool cleaning market,” Jensen says. “They’ve done a wonderful job since the company began. Every year it’s better.”

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