Kitty Pool

Indianapolis grandmother has summer saved by local volunteers

Last November, Indianapolis resident Kitty Smith discovered her swimming pool had collapsed and her homeowner’s insurance wouldn’t cover the cost of the repairs and replacement. Some area pool companies heard about the situation and stepped up to help the grandmother get her pool back.

Led by Mike Shadoan and Michael Shebek of Automatic Pool Covers along with Pablo and Jen Crone of Crone Customs, more than 20 different pool contractors and manufacturers in Indianapolis donated the materials and labor to rebuild Smith’s pool. The group finished the work just in time for summer — they delivered a brand new, in-ground vinyl-liner pool complete with heating, lights and a new automatic pool cover. The total estimated cost of the project: $110,000 with no expense to Smith.

As word of this project spread, so did additional donations.  In fact, a local pool company has volunteered to take care of maintenance for the pool all summer long.  

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“From when I first saw the pool, to what it was transformed into by this summer, it’s amazing to me,” Shadoan says.  “It was heartwarming to see so many folks in the pool industry come together to create this pool for this grandmother.  We in the pool industry know that swimming pools make memories and create joy for families.”

Shadoan notes that the experience was a helpful reminder to him that the pool industry is filled with “hard working, generous people.”

Throughout the summer, a number of representatives from the original companies that came together to make this project happen went over to Smith’s pool to have a party and watch the grandkids play.  “It was so satisfying to see the look in Kitty’s eyes and to see her grandkids playing in the pool,” Shadoan says. 

Photo courtesy of WTHR 13 News.

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