Launch of National Pool Partners

Industry leaders come together to form new pool service partnership organization

National Pool Partners officially launched in January 2021, hoping to revolutionize the pool service industry by creating a profitable, technology-enabled company that modernizes the industry while improving the lives of partners, owners, customers and teammates. The venture is supported by over $200 million of capital with a target to service 100,000 pools across the Sun Belt. Founding partners Hal Denbar, owner of Patriot Pool & Spa in Austin, Texas; and Eddie Skehan, owner of T&D Pool & Spa near Orlando, Florida, have joined NPP. NPP has spent the last year preparing for launch and will announce more partners in the first half of 2021.

National Pool Partners will unite the nation’s best pool service entrepreneurs through partnership with top quality service-focused companies. NPP intends to be built thoughtfully as a family of brands by providing its regional partners with capital and expertise to accelerate their growth while respecting their people, culture and successes. Partners will benefit from capital for marketing, acquisitions, hiring, technology and systems. This vision allows each brand to continue to service customers with a local touch, while benefiting from the scale of a national enterprise.

NPP is led by CEO Augusto Titarelli, who has four decades of experience leading businesses for national home service companies Terminix, TYCO and ADT. “We know that our vision relies on providing value to all stakeholders: The customers we serve, the employees who deliver our service, and the partners and entrepreneurs who entrust us with their businesses and reputation,” Titarelli says. “We have a game plan to create value for all these groups and that is core to our mission. We have an opportunity to do something special and I genuinely look forward to this journey.”

Denbar founded Patriot Pool & Spa in 2006 and currently services residential pools across the Austin market. Patriot has been growing organically by more than 20% each year by providing uncompromised, high-quality service to customers. In 2019, Denbar was featured in PoolPro’s 30 Under 40.

Denbar will be regional president of Texas for NPP. With the support of capital to invest in companies and technology, Denbar will lead outreach efforts to expand partnership with other Texas-based pool companies that are looking to join a fast-paced organization. “I could not be more excited to launch National Pool Partners,” Denbar says. “We have spent the last year dreaming of a vision to revolutionize pool service, and today it’s coming to fruition. Our customers and teammates stand to benefit for decades to come. I look forward to enabling the success of other entrepreneurs in the industry that I love, and carrying on the legacies that other owners have built during their lifetime.”

T&D Pool & Spa Service currently services residential pools in The Villages region northwest of Orlando, Florida, and is owned by Skehan, who has spent more than 30 years in the industry in roles including service technician, repair technician, route planner, operations manager and owner.

Skehan will lead operational excellence across NPP as national vice president. “I have spent the last 30 years focused on providing our customers with the best service imaginable,” he says. “I had not planned to sell T&D until I was ready to retire, but joining NPP has allowed me to take some chips off the table and feel reinspired to grow T&D and NPP together, while sharing tricks of the trade with all our partners nationally.”

NPP is always looking for passionate pool partners to join the family and expand its footprint across the Sun Belt. Some great operators may be looking to retire, plan their succession or take their business to the next level by accelerating their growth with new capital; NPP is the strategic partner for great pool service companies and their people.

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