MicroCare Highlights ACID Magic

MicroCare LLC, a manufacturer of specialized cleaning chemicals, is highlighting one of its signature products, ACID Magic. Its formula offers a comprehensive solution for adjusting pool and spa water chemistry* while also tackling cleaning tasks.

ACID Magic ensures crystal-clear water, maintaining ideal pool and spa water chemistry in heated or unheated pools, according to MicroCare. It eliminates the risk of skin irritation and boasts up to 90% fewer fumes compared to traditional acids. It also provides equipment protection by preventing rust in pump rooms or on equipment during storage. The cleaner offers hassle-free storage and transportation, remaining stable in its container without out-gassing, and can be transported without a hazardous materials license.

ACID Magic is suitable for cleaning concrete pools, deck surfaces, filters, chlorine generators, salt cells, meter electrodes, shower facilities and restrooms. It effectively removes stains, scum, mineral deposits, algae and other unsightly buildups.

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MicroCare will be at the Western Pool and Spa Show on March 28-30 in Long Beach, California at booth #425. 

For more information about ACID Magic and MicroCare, visit acidmagic.com

*ACID Magic should not be used to aid or affect any pool disinfectant product or other water modifier.

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