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Pool Scouts Provides Renovation Services Through PoolCare+

Pool Scouts, a pool maintenance brand, has announced its newest offering — PoolCare+, renovation services to help the brand act as a one-stop shop for pool-related needs.

Michael Wagner, president of Pool Scouts, provided additional information about the program in a Q&A.  

How does the service work?  

Wagner: These extensive PoolCare+ services include resurfacing, tile work, coping, deck enhancements and more. Pool Scouts has joined up with trusted subcontractors and a network of referred Scout-Approved partners. The subcontracting program will provide in-depth training for advanced technicians and build relationships with reputable subcontractors who are paid by Pool Scouts. The Scout-Approved program will operate on a referral fee basis for approved partners who will later pay a fee to Pool Scouts. So far, 34 locations across the nation offer PoolCare+ services in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, Texas and select locations in Florida.

Will all Pool Scouts locations eventually have this service? 

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Wagner: Yes, our goal is to find partners in all the markets we service. We have proposals for approximately 100 jobs.

When did this first roll out, and what has the response been? 

Wagner: We have seen a high demand from our customer base since rolling out the additional services in July. 

How does one become a Scout-Approved partner? 

Wagner: Scout-Approved partners are thoroughly vetted and approved by our corporate team. The things we look for in our potential partners include a commitment to high-quality services and products, upfront pricing and transparent communication, timely completion of services and a fully licensed and insured team.

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