Pool Professionals Pivot How They Clean Pools with Ariel

Have you ever fired a customer, or wanted to, because there was just too much debris getting into their pool? An overwhelming amount of debris in the pool can be exhausting to remove perfectly, and often results in dealing with algae and bacteria challenges, too. Don’t ditch the customer, ditch the net! Ariel by Pivot Pool Products is a solar-powered pool skimming robot that intelligently navigates the surface of a pool to clear debris between professional visits. Constant surface skimming is the ultimate secret to a clean, healthy, and easier to maintain pool – only our robot has time for that. An Ariel pool will be crystal clear when you show up for the job so that you can spend more time other aspects of maintenance, and less time at every pool. Pool owners will swim more, clean less and save big. When pesky debris becomes a problem, be a hero.

Pivot Pool Products, backed by Pivot International, is the original creator of six generations of solar-powered pool surface skimming robots. We introduced the world’s first solar-powered pool skimming robot in 2011. Since then, our American engineers have worked to perfect this pool-cleaning technology so that pools worldwide can be their cleanest and healthiest. Manufactured for enhanced overall reliability, the 2023 model Ariel is the future-focused culmination of years of engineering and consumer feedback.

“One of my customers literally has 50 trees in their backyard, and I am so impressed with Ariel on her first run straight out of the box after a monsoon storm,” said Tim of Paradise Pool Boys in Phoenix.

  • No set up required. Straight out of the box and into the pool.
  • Operates without hoses, cords, or other attachments.
  • Lightweight for simple placement and removal.
  • Generates twice the amount of energy required to operate, and stores the surplus in a battery. Surface cleans well after the sun goes down.
  • Intelligently equipped with obstruction sensors to avoid obstacles while providing all-over coverage.
  • Split rear paddle wheel provides multidirectional navigation.
  • Front paddlewheel sends water and debris through the collection chamber.
  • Fine mesh tray filters out large and micro-sized debris, including leaves, hair, pollen, dust, and bugs.
  • Collection chamber with twice the storage capacity of a typical pool skimmer inlet.
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When pool professionals recommend that their customers clean from the top instead of the bottom, the pool owner saves money on chemicals and energy, and sees extended life on pool cleaning equipment. In addition to having a pool that is always swim-ready, Ariel owners enjoy a net-free world, less bacteria and algae growth, less filtration and sanitization needs, and require 60% less pool pump runtime, which helps reduce the environmental impact of pool ownership.

“My energy usage has gone down a couple hundred dollars each year, and I attribute this to the solar power that Ariel uses to clean my pool instead of electrical energy to drive my bottom cleaner,” said Michael Knapp, Ariel owner. “My pool guy like coming here. He does not have to do a lot to keep the chemicals balanced because there is not anything in it! There are no bacteria, there is nothing degrading and falling to the bottom.”

Pivot Pool Products is pleased to offer wholesale Ariel pricing to pool professionals, builders, and retailers. Ariel is represented in all 50 states by five manufacturer’s representative organizations that specialize in pool products. Our partners include Blake Sales, covering West and Northwestern territories; Blithe Sales, covering Northeastern territories; MidAmerica Sales Team, covering Midwestern territories; Senne Sales, covering mid-Atlantic and some of the southeast; and Stellar Sales Group as well as Stellar Sales Alliance covering Southern and Southwestern territories.

For more information about the pool robot, visit www.solar-breeze.com.

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