Use the Slow Season for Business Evaluation

Take a look at the way your business functions for insurance needs, contract updates, problem solving

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When business slows for the season, you may have more time to take care of things you put off. Many pool professionals use this time to clean up their business.

When it comes to insurance needs, evaluate your business and the way it functions. Make sure all your employees are listed under your policy. Make sure new or changed services you perform are covered under your policy. For example, if you took on a few replaster projects, many times this will not be covered under a service and repair policy, and you may need to look for new coverage. Your agent can help with questions about your policy coverages.

Take time to clean up or make new contracts for your customers. Outline exactly the scope of work you will be performing, update waivers and get your customers to sign these new documents. These updates could benefit you in the event of a claim.

Take a look at your insurance policy, and pay attention to the exclusions and endorsements. Go through your certificate holders. Send a list to your insurance agent so they can make sure your certificate holders are listed or deleted if not needed. Also, if you have had changes to your company name, address or email, notify your insurance agent.

Finally, analyze and come up with solutions for problems that arose during your busy months. This will help strengthen and improve your business year-round, and also help you as a pool professional to grow in the industry. 

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