Allen Jerabeck

31 | Pool and spa specialist | Tarson Pools and Spas

Syracuse, New York
Pool and spa specialist

The pool and hot tub industry has moved Allen Jerabeck from New York to Florida to California and back. When he graduated college, he joined Poolcorp’s MIT management training program in Jacksonville, Florida. Following that, he went to northern California, continuing his career with Poolcorp as a business development representative. He stayed for five years, eventually working in sales and marketing for some California family-owned pool and spa stores. Now back in New York at Tarson Pools, Jerabeck hopes to apply all his California experience to elevate the way pools are built in central New York.

“I hope to start doing higher-end work in the Northeast United States,” Jerabeck says. “I want to help keep the family business that I work for around for another 80 years, building quality pools and providing the best service possible.”

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