Ivan Flores
Ivan Flores

Ivan Flores

39 | Owner | iPools

Ivan Flores

Ivan Flores, 39

At 18, fresh out of high school and equipped with a Toyota Tacoma gifted by his father, Ivan Flores found himself at a crossroads. Unsure of his direction, he began caring for his parents’ pool.

Flores took a bold step by calling every pool service company listed in the Yellow Pages, seeking training and job opportunities. Amid the silence, one person responded — a woman who owned her own service company.

“She trained me; then, I worked for her,” Flores recalls. “Twenty-one years later, I still keep in contact with her, and she’s like a second mom to me.”

After learning the basics, Flores had stints at two other pool companies before landing a pivotal role at Rancho Pool Service, the largest company in his region. For 11 years, he honed his expertise before starting his own venture — iPools, based out of Southern California.

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Flores loves that the industry provides him with a flexible schedule, but he is even more excited by the people he meets and works with. He has had his share of unexpected encounters and unforgettable moments, including private jet tours provided by comedian and actor Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, one of Flores’ clients.

Flores wants to inspire new pool pros and help them gain confidence.

“I’d like to motivate the younger generation to become bigger than they know they can be,” he says. “They need to believe in themselves and take that step to become more than just a pool guy.”

After finishing construction of the iPools showroom and offices, Flores plans to chase down his next dream — becoming the largest pool company in the Rancho Palos Verdes area.

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