Joshua Ogden
Many in the pool industry get their start thanks to a family business, but few are fourth-generation pool pros like Joshua Ogden.
Omar Plasencia
Omar Plasencia now works at AquaStar Pool Products, where he strongly aligns with the company’s values. “Family-owned, forward-thinking, innovative and fearless — that’s a team I wanted to be part of.”
Ivan Flores
For 11 years, Ivan Flores honed his expertise before starting his own venture — iPools, based out of Southern California.
Robert Naranjo
With resolve and the support of his family, Robert Naranjo started Skimmers Pool Service. After years of hard work, the company now offers service, repair and construction to the Fort Bend County, Texas, area. Naranjo says his best advice for running a successful business are simply to be honest, dependable, responsive and consistent.
PP23 6 Web 30U40Laura Denbar
Laura Denbar’s career began when she and her husband founded Patriot Pool and Spa in 2006, a residential pool service and maintenance company in Austin, Texas.
Justin Gormley
Justin Gormley was drawn into the industry by Hal Denbar, the leader of National Pool Partners, who has a clear vision of raising the standards and reputation of the pool industry; Gormley was eager to be a part of this transformative experience.
Kyle Davidson
As part of NPP, Kyle Davidson wants to push the boundaries of the service industry. “I love the potential our industry has for growth, both in size and respect level,” he says. “With Arizona being the pool mecca, there is infinite potential.”
PP23 6 Web 30U40Meghan Massey
When X-Pools merged with National Pool Partners, Meghan Massey became the office manager for Aquaman Pools East. Working alongside leaders like Mike McDonough and Tyler Rasmussen deepened her knowledge of the pool industry.
Heather Linton
After years of hard work, Heather Linton knows the pool industry is not just a job for her; it’s a lifelong commitment. “I will never leave this industry; I love it to my bones,” she says. “The faces I get to see when a client sees the newly built or newly renovated pool are priceless.”
PP23 6 Web 30U40Danielle Bahr
From a young age, Danielle Bahr was immersed in the world of pools, her childhood memories shaped by the sights and sounds of her family’s pool supply business. 

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