Robert Naranjo
Robert Naranjo

Robert Naranjo

37 | General manager | Skimmers Pool Service

General Manager

Robert Naranjo, 37

Robert Naranjo spent several years in and out of the industry in both service and construction. Through working with different technicians, he learned the tips and tricks of the trade and began dreaming big.

“I would drive around town and [see] pool trucks and tell my wife, ‘I’m going to own a pool company one day,’ ” he recalls.

With resolve and the support of his family, Naranjo started Skimmers Pool Service. After years of hard work, the company now offers service, repair and construction to the Fort Bend County, Texas, area. Naranjo says his best advice for running a successful business are simply to be honest, dependable, responsive and consistent.

When Naranjo and his wife were both hospitalized with COVID, other pros in their area came together to keep their routes covered and their business open. And when Texas froze, causing an influx of equipment repairs and replacements, Naranjo capitalized on the opportunity, sharing that it not only grew revenue but exposed them to new, now loyal, customers.

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Engaging with new people weekly and witnessing the satisfaction on customers’ faces after he completes a project makes Naranjo proud to be in this industry. He views it as a long-term career and hopes to involve his family in the future.

“You set the lifespan of your company by delivering honest work, and this will give me an opportunity to pass this on to my kids,” he says.

Naranjo wants to maintain a thriving enterprise that provides valuable employment opportunities. He hopes to foster a community of skilled professionals dedicated to enhancing the pool experience.

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