Omar Plasencia
Omar Plasencia

Omar Plasencia

38 | Western regional sales manager | AquaStar Pool Products

Omar Plasencia
Western regional sales manager

Omar Plasencia, 38

Omar Plasencia started in the pool industry with a simple goal — a steady paycheck. Despite having no experience, he began as a delivery driver for POOLCORP, focused on providing for his family. Little did he know this seemingly ordinary job would become the foundation of a prosperous career.

Over the course of his 11 years at POOLCORP, Plasencia’s dedication and eagerness to learn have led him from warehouse and counter sales to outside sales and operations management. He completed POOLCORP’s Manager in Training program, showcasing his commitment to personal growth and professional excellence. He became a sales center manager, where he turned the smallest location in the Los Angeles market into one of the largest.

Plasencia now works at AquaStar Pool Products, where he strongly aligns with the company’s values. “This [move] definitely felt right,” he says. “Family-owned, forward-thinking, innovative and fearless — that’s a team I wanted to be part of.”

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Plasencia is proud to be in the pool industry and wants to see more join it. “We need to continue to promote, advocate and be a part of a movement to get that number up even higher,” he says. “I believe we are heading in the right direction.”

The people have been the best part of the journey for Plasencia. From coworkers to vendors and customers, he views them as an invaluable source of knowledge, support and friendship.

And advice from his parents still rings true: “Work your hardest, and always give it all you’ve got daily because you may never see it, but there is always someone watching — that’s how opportunities present themselves,” he says. “Boy, were they right.”

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