Pool Chasers Podcast

Tyler Rasmussen, 33, Owner/Co-Host | Greg Villafana, 34, Owner/Co-Host

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Scottsdale, Arizona
Tyler Rasmussen, 33
Greg Villafana, 34

When Tyler Rasmussen was passed over for a promotion at his job in 2013, he started Brothers Pool Service in pursuit of his dream of working for himself. Greg Villafana joined Brothers in 2014 after he and Rasmussen reconnected; they were close friends in high school. Together they grew the company to 400 pool contracts in two years.

But even working together, the two were frustrated trying to find resources to teach them the technical and business sides of the industry.

“When I was researching the business at the very beginning, it was so difficult to find any information,” Rasmussen says.

The pair talked about how far behind the industry is with available information, Villafana recalls. “We were like, ‘Man, it would be so cool if there was just a really good podcast,’ ” he says. “Something that was consistent and something every pool guy, every manufacturer, whoever it may be, can listen to this, get an update on the industry and also motivate them.”

In February 2017, the duo released the first episode of the Pool Chasers Podcast. By December 2018, they sold Brothers Pool Service and made the podcast their full-time job. Together, they made the roughly 400 calls to existing customers to inform them of the change, then hired Brothers’ service manager, Kyle Auld, to produce the podcast. They have since created over 120 episodes, with a new one each week.

“We will continue to do our best to provide knowledge for the industry,” Rasmussen says, “and hopefully help elevate it for future generations.”

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